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I Know What I Want for Christmas This Year

My sister, Mary Lou, is a fighter. 

You wouldn't know it to look at her.

Or after you've met her.

She doesn't come across as particularly tough.  People don't come away thinking "Wow!  She's kicking tail and taking names." 


They think,  "What a sweet woman she is."

I am a descendant of Swiss immigrants on my mother's side.  I'm English on my dad's side.  Neither heritage is made up of particularly demonstrative people.  But my family never got the memo.  We show our emotions.  My sister is the one who especially shows her sentimental side.  At the family gathering for Thanksgiving each year if we have to go around the room and say what we're thankful for my sister can't make it through without the tears. 

But growing up with her I know that she's tough.

I also know she's going to need that toughness for what lies ahead.  She has breast cancer.  She has made me (and everyone else) a promise.  She's going to beat it.  She had two lumpectomies.  She is now scheduled to have a mastectomy.  She will have to undergo chemotherapy.   

We've had cancer take other family members.  My brother (another very tough individual) is a cancer survivor.  Cancer is a hideous monster. 

My sister believes in prayer.  Already friends, family and even strangers are praying for her. 

What do I want for Christmas this year?  Just good wishes for my sister and her family.

My sister has promised me she'll beat this. 

My sister always keeps her promises.



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