The NBA in STL -

The NBA in STL

     So as the speculation swirls about the New Orleans Hornets moving to St Louis, some are creating doubt it could ever happen.

     Certainly the Scottrade Center could be the place to play the games.  But can the area support a fourth pro team?  The average NBA ticket for a non premium seat is around 70 dollars, and economists think that may be stretching the St Louis sports fan too thin in the wallet.

      No doubt the NBA would be fun.  Seeing Lebron, Kobe and teams like the Celtics come here would make for exciting entertainment. 

      St Louis does have a history of basketball with the Hawks of the NBA and the Spirits of the ABA.

      Odds are, the Hornets will likely stay in New Orleans with new ownership.  But if they do move, it's believed that Seattle and even Kansas City with a new arena, stand a better chance of getting an NBA team than St Louis.

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