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Uplands Park man arrested for expired license plate tags

(KMOV) – Many drivers have made the mistake of letting their tags expire, but no one would expect to be arrested for it.

Gilbert Kiesler of Uplands Park was arrested after he was pulled over on Natural Bridge Road just west of Jennings Station Road. His Toyota Scion’s tags were 23 days over their due date, and he figured at worst he was going to get a ticket.

But instead, he got cuffed, and spent two hours in jail.

Kiesler says he was did not argue back with the officer and was not belligerent. In fact, he says he was very compliant.

The Uplands Park Police Chief first said this incident wasn’t just about expired tags and that there’s more to Kiesler’s story. Then the story changed, and the chief said he didn’t have any record of Kiesler’s arrest in his system, and that he would have to talk to the city’s attorney.

However, documents show that Kiesler posted bond in Uplands Park. Also, a receipt from Steve’s Car Care shows Kiesler paid $240 to get his Scion back after it had been towed away.

The ticket clearly shows it was issued by an Uplands Park police officer, and the violation is listed as “failure to register motor vehicle.”

Kiesler says he feels violated and that he can relate to people who have been arrested for not committing any crimes.



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