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Go Green: TORK Design turns trash to treasure

(KMOV) – Going “green” is much more than just recycling. It’s also about reusing - and one local company took objects that no one else wanted, and launched a business.

When Rob Grimm of Tork  bought a building for his commercial photography business that was once used for bookbinding, he inherited a lot of unusual pieces with it.

“There were these crazy paper guillotines with these huge blades,” says Grimm. He says they were giant machines that he could neither sell nor give away. So he took one of them, pulled it apart and turned it into a kitchen island.

That was just the beginning. A bookbinding press became a rolling computer station and rusting casters became coffee table legs.

“My clients and my friends were coming into the building, and they saw the stuff that we were building and said ‘where'd ya’ get that?’”

“They were surprised to find out that I'd designed it and made it,” says Grimm. “And they wanted me to make it for them.”

And this TORK Design was born.

While the company still created from found objects, they now also make sustainable and ecological furniture.


To learn more, visit: http://tork-design.com/HOME.html

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