Project Cinderella making dreams come true -

Project Cinderella making dreams come true

(KMOV) - Thanks to Project Cinderella, girls who can't afford prom dresses can go to prom. 

Ebony Williams hasn't had an easy life.  She says,"my mother's been in and out of prison and my father has been in prison forever." 

She'll be the first to tell you she never expected to go to her high school prom. A size 22 and no money to buy a dress, she didn't have many options. Until 1 day she received a call from The Cinderella Project; a dress was donated to her.
Williams says, "I swear when I got that phone call, the biggest smile went across my face because I was stressing cause I knew I wouldn't be able to afford a prom dress."
The Cinderella Project is a non- profit organization dedicated to promoting the confidence and self esteem of financially struggling young women. they collect dresses and then donate them to certain girls.
Denise Leibel says,"with the opportunity to come in and select a dress, now they have a reason to look forward to something every girl dreams about and thats high school prom"
"I'd probably say my prom night was more special to me because it was something that I wouldn't have been ble to do without help," says Williams.
A senior in high school last year, she was referred by her school counselor. The best part about the whole experience she says was being voted prom queen. "I made it here by help and I'm not ahamed to say that I had help getting to where i'm at," she says.
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