Foul-mouth debt collector resurfaces, rips off local businessman -

Foul-mouth debt collector resurfaces, rips off local businessman

(KMOV) – A St. Louis man claims the same debt collector that made foul-mouthed threats to Belleville woman after her daughter died is ripping him off.

News 4 first reported the story of Rumson Bolling and Associates in November. And when Nick Darden first saw the story, he says he jumped off the couch.

He says he couldn’t believe it was the same company he’s been dealing with, and says it was a nightmare until News 4 got involved.

Darden says he hired Rumson Bolling and Associates in May of 2009 to collect a $1,250 debt owed to his flooring company. He says the collection agency was quick to take money out of his account, but so far they haven’t collected a dime.

The company took $850 to collect a $1,250 debt, Darden says.

He got what he calls the “run around.” One supervisor transferred him to another, then asked for an affidavit to hire a lawyer. After all of that, he says he just wanted to sever ties and get his money back.

During one call, Darden got a vulgar response: “You’re the piece of trash, crackerhead.”

When Darden told them he was recording the call, they hung up.

This came from the same company that tried to collect money from Tammy Henshaw after she didn’t pay for her daughter’s funeral. Henshaw says the company even threatened to dig up her dead daughter.

In that case, Rumson Bolling apologized gave Henshaw a check for $5,413 – the amount of her daughter’s funeral.

News 4 Investigative Reporter Chris Nagus sent another email to Harold Bolling, and got a note back saying the company is committed to providing excellent customer service, which is sometimes difficult in the field of debt collections.

He also said the company would offer Darden a refund.

Darden says he doubts he will ever see the $1,250 he hired the company to collect. He’s just thrilled to be getting back the $850 he paid them.

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