Family of teenage murder victim offers hefty reward for killers' capture -

Family of teenage murder victim offers hefty reward for killers' capture

(KMOV) -- A 14-year-old boy is shot and his killer still on the run.

The victim's family says if police can't catch the suspects, then hopefully a hefty reward will entice someone to come forward.

To put this in perspective, 20 of 25 homicides committed in the month of November alone remain unsolved here in the city.  One is that of Travion Harris.  The 14-year-old was gunned down last Tuesday in north St. Louis.  Now his family wants justice -- the legal way.

"It's just unfair to have to go through this when my son was never in any type of gangs," Cecilia Berry said.  "All he wanted to do was his music. "

Travion Harris will never realize those dreams.
"It was cut short because of some senseless acts of somebody else," Berry said.

Several bullet shells littered the ground where police say Travion was mowed down while standing in front of his own home.  It was a mistake.  He was an unintended target.  Police say multiple guns were used, likely by several suspects.  No one has been captured in connection to the crime.

"People out here are scared," Berry said.  "They don't want to say anything, and to know that these guys can walk away free and be riding and living their lives and do it to somebody else's child -- it makes me sick to my stomach."

St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom says it's the same challenge for detectives.

"It's difficult to get people who are in that lifestyle to cooperate," Chief Isom said.

"If you don't stay on them, it's going to be swept under the rug," Gean Johnson, Travion's great-grandmother, said.  "He's just another little black dead kid."

That's why the family is taking it upon themselves to help catch Travion's killers.  No "street justice" here -- just cold, hard cash.  Travion's family will put up $10,000 for information leading to the arrest -- and conviction -- of the shooters.

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