People think TSA handled the security breach at Lambert all wrong -

People think TSA handled the security breach at Lambert all wrong

(KMOV) - A traveler at Lambert Airport triggers a security alert then disappears in the east terminal. As a result, the terminal was cleared for nearly an hour.

While it doesn't appear anyone was at risk, the situation raises questions about our safety since the man was never found and the airport resumed regular operations.

TSA officials refused to talk with News 4 on camera about this today. In fact, they say it wasn't a big deal and the guy was harmless. People we talked to are outraged saying tsa put people in danger
"How anyone could get through without them finding him is is beyond me," says Jamie Hentzel.  A mother who had just finished dropping her 13-year-old daughter off at the airport. What she didn't know at the time was the search going on for a man on the loose inside Lambert.
She says, "I dont see how anyone could make it past and not been found. 45 minutes is a small amount of time to look for someone who could be dangerous to us."
TSA tells News 4 the man didn't "complete the screening process". They wouldn't tell us exactly what that means, but tell us the man was not a serious threat based on his behavior. a behavior described as normal.
Another traveler says, "well, if thats the case maybe we should all get to run thru security without being patted down."
Sharon Owens has more than 30 years of security experience. A security agent with B & W Security, she says she's shocked tsa officials and airport police just gave up.
TSA says no one missed their flights this morning. Planes were kept on the ground to wait for those passengers late to their gates.

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