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U.S. Fidelis Founder's wife wants to keep expensive cars

For more than a year News 4 has covered the collapse of Wentzville based U.S. Fidelis. Darain and Cory Atkinson have surrendered their St. Charles County mansions as part of a settlement agreement with the bankruptcy court.

News 4 has learned Cory Atkinson's wife is not ready to drive away empty handed. Heather Atkinson is seeking to keep their 2009 Dodge Ram, 2008 Suburban, and 1969 Dodge Super Bee. According to court documents the values are as follows:

2009 Dodge Ram - 20,000, 2008 Suburban - 25,000 - 1969 Dodge Superbee - 7,281.
Heather Atkinson will use a 50 thousand dollar credit awarded by the court to retain the vehicles.

Heather Atkinson has also proposed to purchase back five vehicles including a 2005 Ford Mustang, 2009 Cadillac Escalade, 2009 Jeep Wrangler, 2009 Harley Heritage, and a 2008 Mercedes G350. Atkinson has offered to purchase the vehicles for 83,500. According to court documents the vehicles NADA value is 83,500.

Scott Eisenberg is the chief restructuring officer for U.S. Fidelis. Eisenberg says he is trying to recover as much money as possible to pay back the creditors. Eisenberg tells News 4 he will file an objection to Heather Atkinson's proposal, and believes the vehicles would command more money at auction.





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