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Police Chief Dan Isom reacts to recent rash of violence

(KMOV) – With 25 homicides, November is one of the most deadly months St. Louis has ever seen. It’s also the worst month St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom says he’s seen in his 23 years as a police officer.

In response to the spree of violence, an additional 50 officers are saturating the fifth and sixth districts Wednesday night. That area encompasses north St. Louis, where many of the crimes have taken place.

Chief Isom says neighbors are killing each other in a back-and-forth retaliation, crime after crime.

It's difficult to get people who are in that lifestyle to cooperate, and that's why it takes so much force to come in and suppress it,” he says. 

 However, even with additional officers out on duty, it takes much more to catch the bad guys.

“Oftentimes we have to catch them with a gun or on some other charges to get them off the street,” Chief Isom says. “Usually that will settle things down for a period of time and then we can get back to systematically picking people off.”

The chief says he can’t do it alone. He says education and economic reform are also essential – along with caring.

“At the root of it is a cultural mindset that says when I have a dispute with you, we're not just going to talk it out, we're going to resort to violence to resolve that,” he says.

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