Good News 4 a Change: Black Friday Samaritan -

Good News 4 a Change: Black Friday Samaritan

(KMOV) – A St. Charles man hoped he could get some bargains on Black Friday, but he knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Drew Kochera has hemophilia, and due to concerns over bruising and internal bleeding, he rarely leaves home.

But last Friday, he waited outside Target with his sister for a chance to get a new flat-screen TV – and when the doors opened and the crowds passed them by, they also snagged all the TVs, leaving none for Kochera.

“I was almost like ‘no, where are you going? That’s my TV,’” he says.

But his disappointment was overshadowed by the kindness of a complete stranger. “This lady came up behind me with the TV in a cart and said, ‘you were looking for this TV, right?’”

After Kochera said yes, he was almost speechless from what the woman said and did next.

Kochera says the woman wished him a Merry Christmas and gave him the TV.

Kochera says he feels he was more than lucky. “I had people saying, ‘you definitely had an angel looking out for you…’”

“And I said, ‘yeah, yeah I did.’”

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