Game blog: Wrapping up Kansas and Missouri -

Game blog: Wrapping up Kansas and Missouri

Weatherspoon is hyping up the defensive troops yet again, and you have to expect good things again from them, although the Tigers continue to ignore previous results and kick it directly to Briscoe, who hurts them again with a great return. The Tiger fans are deafening again, but how long can the defense keep overperforming inside of a bad scheme?

The snow is falling in a blanket now, and has been steadily accumulating, but even the muting effect of a thousand snowflakes can't quiet this Mizzou crowd. If Kansas is able to score again, I hope some serious alterations are made in the defensive game plan for the Big 12 Championship game. These players are playing their hearts out, but when you're put in the wrong place at the wrong time consistently, you can only do so much.

It's nice to see Missouri finally performing like we expected offensively, though the nerves are there, for fans and for the players, apparently. The cool, collected attitude the offense had most of the season seems to have disappeared in this game, though they have executed well on this last touchdown drive. The key has been the involvement of the running game, including Maclin, Washington, and Daniel.

This has finally become a typical Big 12 offensive showdown -- whoever scores last wins. Mizzou has to depend on the heart of its defense and the fans to try and pull this one out. That Kansas spent two timeouts early in the half could really hurt them at the end as well.

If it weren't for the numbness in their extremities, I'm sure that Mizzou fans would feel the butterflies swimming in their stomachs as Kansas executes this drive. And guess how they're finding success -- the flats and the middle of the field. Big surprise there. And guess who is having the game of his career -- Kerry Meier. I will be applying for a 800 number and developing a Jamaican accent. If you have career or love life questions, call me. Apparently I have a gift.

Thirty seconds left on the clock, fourth and seven for the Jayhawks and my coffee cup is acting like T. rex is on his way over thanks to the pounding feet of Mizzou fans. Unfortunately, "Mr. Nov. 29" Kerry Meier, just got himself another touchdown. I guess I must have missed a new rule this year. It must be illegal to alter a game plan in the middle of a game. I can't wrap my mind around how else this problem is persisting. If the offense has success, you make adjustments. That's a king principle of coaching.

Meier should be hit as hard as possible every time he leaves the line of scrimmage. He should have two, three or even four defenders following his every move until he stops catching the ball. This is an abysmal failure of coaching, and it has doomed the Tigers.

It's unfair to the players and unfair to the fans.

Lee Morehouse is a journalism student at the University of Missouri at Columbia.

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