Game blog: First quarter Missouri and Kansas -

Game blog: First quarter Missouri and Kansas

(KMOV) -- Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a Chiefs fan, and Arrowhead Stadium is one of my favorite places on the planet

Growing up in Kansas City, I've been a Chiefs fan since I was a little kid. Walking into Arrowhead to sit in the press box and cover my university's football team with writers I've been reading since age six is like a dream come true. I can't help but notice the faded KC logos bleeding through in the corners of the endzones next to the Missouri and Kansas insignias.

Sitting in a heated, comfortable seat has its upsides, too, although there's a certain element to suffering out in the cold with the rest of Mizzou nation that is missing up here. Then again, I'm not a fan today, I'm press.

The Missouri fans are arrayed beneath the press box, so it lends an unbalanced sense of the game to see the wall of Kansas fans standing and cheering. The Mizzou side has been much louder so far, until Daniel's interception.

The Tigers are wearing gold jerseys for the first time in 50 years, and they have certainly achieved the retro look. Ziggy Hood is wearing Aaron Oneil's number today in memory of their fallen teammate.

At this point the Jayhawks are up 3 points from a field goal gained off of a Chase Daniel interception. Strange start to a Big-12 game, as both teams failed to gain any yards offensively on their initial drives, and the Tigers go three-and-out on their next time with the ball.

The Missouri offense looks a little lackluster and the half-snow half-rain seems to be really affecting their execution. Coffman's absence has created problems for Daniel as well, who has only completed one pass for four yards with an interception after two possessions. The defense has looked sharp, and is tackling well in the slippery conditions.

With five minutes left in the opening quarter, the story seems to be that Kansas has more to play for. Missouri has already clinched the North championship, and while Kansas is bowl-eligible, they have a chance play the spoiler in Missouri's bid for Bowl Championship Series game with a win over the Tigers today.

The biggest difference so far between this game and last year's drubbing of Kansas by the Tigers has been pressure on the quarterback. The iconic picture from that game was Reesing walking away from the endzone where he was sacked for a safety, a clump of turf stuck onto his helmet. The Tigers haven't gotten anywhere near number five in this game.

Just when it seemed things might start going the way of the Tigers- an interception in the endzone of Reesing by Kenji Jackson and a 54-yard scamper by Chase Daniel, the ball was stripped and recovered by Darrell Stuckey, and Kansas is driving again as the first quarter ends.

A main weakness for the Mizzou defense has been the flats, where Kansas reciever Kerry Meier has been open repeatedly and Reesing and Sharp have both found success running the ball.

Lee Morehouse is a Journalism student at the University of Missouri

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