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Mizzou faces tough challenges in the schedule ahead

(KMOV) -- Mizzou football passed their first Big 12 test with flying colors in a 53-17 win over Nebraska Saturday. Here is a look at the rest of the Tigers conference games.

October 11th -Oklahoma State

This will be another stern test for the Tigers as they take on Oklahoma State in Columbia. The Cowboys are also undefeated and ranked No. 17 in the nation.

October 17th - at Texas

Tiger fans can count on learning everything they need to know about this team during the Texas game in Austin. If they can go in another hostile environment and pull off a win, fans can start looking into flights to Miami for the BCS National Championship. If they lose, this is still a very good team - but not a great one.

The Longhorns hook up with Okalahoma in Dallas this weekend for the annual Red River shootout. Texas will enter the game as the No. 5 team in the land, while the Sooners are No. 1. If Texas can win, and follow up with a loss to Mizzou, prepare for the Tigers to be ranked No. 1 for the second time in two seasons.

October 25th - Colorado

If Mizzou comes out on top against Texas, this could be somewhat of a trap game. Colorado is a decent team who lost to the Longhorns Saturday and is 3-2 this season. Quarterback Cody Hawkins has been a productive player for Colorado. Still, this is Mizzou's homecoming and it is unlikely Gary Pinkle won't have his team mentally focused.

November 1st - at Baylor

On the day after Halloween, this game may be too scary to watch. Saturday Baylor lost to Oklahoma 50-22. The Tigers should find this game their easiest contest remaining.

November 8th - Kansas State

Kansas State has had a tough season, but sophomore quarterback Josh Freemen will be a star in the Big 12. That being said, Mizzou should dispense of the Wildcats fairly easily.

November 15th - Iowa State

Sometimes it's easy to forget the Cyclones are in the Big 12 even though they are a division rival Mizzou faces every autumn. Iowa State lost to a good Kansas team on Saturday by just 2 points, 35-33. The last time the Tigers traveled to Ames, Iowa, the referees stole the game. That should not be necessary this time around.

November 29th - Kansas (in Kansas City)

It will be interesting to see if this game can match the hype of last year's. That may be unlikely, but KU is ranked 16th in the country and have only lost one game - a tough non-conference battle against South Florida on the road. This will be another tough game for the Tigers, but the result should not vary from last year.

December 6th - Big 12 Championship in Kansas City

The Tigers are hoping to travel to Kansas City two consecutive weeks late this fall. Likely opponent: Oklahoma or Texas, but don't count out Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Gary Pinkel has to be thankful Mizzou is in the Big 12 North and not the South.

The Tigers have a tougher schedule than the national media recognizes.

Almost makes Mizzou fans wish they could play Nebraska every week, something former Tigers stars Corby Jones or Justin Smith would find hard to fathom.

Michael Bittner is a Mizzou J-student

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