USC loss could prove huge for Missouri Tigers, Big 12 -

USC loss could prove huge for Missouri Tigers, Big 12

(KMOV) -- Shock. Utter and complete surprise. That's how I feel right now.

The No. 1 team in the land, USC, just lost to Steven Jackson's alma mater, Oregon State.

It was a great game, with unranked Oregon State taking a 21-0 lead going into halftime, a lead they were ultimately able to hold on for a

I have no idea where the Mizzou football team watched this game, but they are excited wherever they are as the clock prepares to strike Midnight.

The chase for the BCS National Championship is now wide open. USC played in an inferior conference, the Pac 10, but logic figured with all their weapons they would certainly go into the National Championship game without a loss on their resume. Here are the next 7 teams behind USC in this week's AP Poll.

2. Oklahoma

3. Georiga

4. Florida

5. LSU

6. Mizzou

7. Texas

8. Alabama

All of those teams play in either the or SEC. With USC not exactly losing to the 1995 Nebraska team, they will certainly fall past all these teams in next week's poll. The National Championship is now set up to be a clash between the Big 12 Champion and the SEC champion.

The Tigers stated goal is to win the Big 12 Championship.

You can do the math.

Michael Bittner is a Mizzou J-student

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