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Hold off on BCS travel plans

I heard various friends and strangers on Friday night talking about a possible trip to Miami in early January, site of the BCS National Championship. Plane tickets, hotels and gas prices were all part of the conversation.

After watching the Tigers Saturday, I would caution making any plans just yet.

Following their mistake laden 42-21 win over the University at Buffalo, Mizzou dropped a spot, to No. 6, in the Associated Press poll -- and it was deserved.

Good tackles by the entire Mizzou defense were in short supply. Linebacker Sean Weatherspoon dropped what should have been an interception.

The Tigers fumbled three times inside the Bull's 30-yard line. Special teams were not exempt from the blunders, as they had their own roughing the kicker penalty.

While National Championship talk is far too premature, Mizzou fans should not go off the deep end. This is still a good football team.

The Tigers were simply bored on Saturday. They now have a bye week to prepare to play Nebraska in Lincoln on Oct. 4.

You could call Dick Cheney and have him waterboard this team all you want, and they will not admit it's hard to get pumped up for games against Buffalo or SEMO. But we know it is.

Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel would have never admitted this week that Nebraska was on his mind as much as the boys from Buffalo. But it was.

While mental lapses can be blamed for the offensive mistakes, the Tigers must play better defense if they have any hope of playing in South Beach. It took awhile for the defense to get going last season, and we can only hope that is the case again in 2008.

Saturday's game reminded me of the Rams final regular season game in 1999. They played very poorly against the Eagles, and many wondered if that would steal any of their momentum entering the playoffs. We all know the answer to that.

Conference play in college football is much like the playoffs in other sports. One loss can be lethal.

I'm sure Pinkel will make sure each and every one of these players are mentally prepared for the Cornhuskers. This offense will not fumble three times in one game again this season. This team will be ready to roll.

In the meantime, the Tigers can probably expect some extra running, and we get a week off from hearing folks whine about running up the score.

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