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Flag lady has been cheering on Mizzou for more than 60 years

Columbia, MO (KMOV) -- Marilyn Thudium has been a season ticket holder since she attended school at MU in 1946. Throughout the years, her love for Tigers football has grown.

Before one game in which Mizzou was pitted against rivals University of Nebraska, Thudium constructed a black and gold flag out of two pieces of fabric. That game, Mizzou beat Nebraska and Thudium believes it was all because of the lucky flag.

Since that game, Thudium has been proudly waving her Mizzou flag after every touchdown hoping to cheer the Tigers onto victory.

Not only is she recognized amongst her family and friends. Mizzou alumni and staff have also taken notice.

"Oh yes, one day Mike Alden called me up and said, 'are you the flag lady?' and I said, 'well I suppose so' and he told me that he wanted to me to keep bringing my flag to the games but I couldn't carry it on a staff anymore" she said. Since 9/11 flags on staffs have been prohibited as well as anything else that might be used as a weapon. So, what did the flag lady do? She began threading the flag onto her cane and waving it in the air through that fashion.

During one home game a ticket usher told Thudium that she couldn't enter the stadium with the flag. She replied, "Don't you know who I am? I'm the flag lady. I'll have to call Mike Alden and tell him about this." So, she did.

"Needless to say, he was a little embarrassed. It hasn't happened again," she said.

When the Tigers began going to play in bowl games Marilyn thought of a way to be right there along side them. For the past few years Thudium has been getting bowl game tickets as Christmas presents. Each year, her daughter and son-in-law accompany her to whichever bowl game the Tigers are in. Fair weather fan is not a title this flag lady would ever want to be associated with.

Being a Mizzou fan runs deep in Thudium's family. Even now, she is the housemother for Alpha Chi Omega sorority and currently resides in the middle of Greek Town on campus. Thudium even has a granddaughter who plays soccer for MU.

Throughout her life Thudium will continue to cheer on the team, each game, rain or shine. And for good luck, she will always brings along her flag.

Jessica Mustain is a J-student at Mizzou

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