The rain comes down on the Missouri Tigers and Faurot Field -

The rain comes down on the Missouri Tigers and Faurot Field

Columbia, MO (KMOV) -- "There is a 70 percent chance of rain, although it is raining right now."

That's the announcement that just we just received in the press box at Faurot Field, followed by a chuckle after the reader realized how that one sounded.

All meteorological and linguistic faux pas aside, the precipitation is making its presence known early today, and the stands reflect that. Less than five minutes from game time, the masses are still filing in, but the stadium is considerably less populated than it normally is. The bleacher seating behind the south end zone and grassy area by the white M rock on the north side looks particularly sparse thus far. Tailgaters have long since squished their parties underneath their tents, and the noise is a bit lower than usual on fall Saturdays in Columbia. Nevada's fan base doesn't appear to have done much traveling at all.

As for the on-field effects of the weather, the guess here is that the rain can only favor Nevada. The Wolf Pack are excellent at moving the ball on the ground and would love nothing more than for conditions to worsen to the point of forcing this game into an old-fashioned slugfest that prevents Missouri from utilizing its potent air attack. Winds are expected to be gusting up to 20 mph, and we'll see how Chase Daniel and his receivers handle a slippery football throughout the afternoon.

Steve Weinman is a J student at Mizzou

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