Monday's Tiger notes -

Monday's Tiger notes

Highlights of Monday's press conferences featuring Coach Gary Pinkel and quarterback Chase Daniel.

Team player Jimmy Jackson

Jimmy Jackson is considered to be one of the more valuable backup running backs in all of college football. Jackson has only 15 carries on the year but has racked up 110 yards and a touchdown.

It would not be outrageous to assume that Jackson, a senior, is not happy about having to backup sophomore Derrick Washington.

Coach Gary Pinkel and quarterback Chase Daniel said that notion could not be farther from the truth.

Pinkel called Jackson "the ultimate team player."

"He wants to winHe knows his role and knows how important it is," Pinkel said. "You can win with people like that."

"By the way, he's a really good football player."

Daniel echoed those sentiments.

When asked if he had ever seen Jackson pout or feel sorry for himself, Daniel had a decisive answer.

"No, never, not once," Daniel said.

"I think Jimmy is one of the most unselfish guys on this team," Daniel said. "He's always willing to do whatever it takes for this team. Throughout his career here, he has sort of been the forgotten man."

Danario back in action

Daniel is obviously looking forward to have junior wide receiver Danario Alexander back for this week's game against Nevada.

"Anytime you can get a guy, especially at the receiver position, of that caliber backwe're excited about it," Daniel said. "He's been working very hard with his rehab and I think it showed."

Oldies but goodies

Daniel said a lot of his teammates during stretches have been listening to music not generally associated with today's college students.

"A lot of guys on our team in the stretch lines have gotten into oldies songs, songs we haven't heard in awhile," Daniel said.

When asked what he considered to be oldies, the quarterback replied "You know, 1970's, 1980'sthat's old enough."

Record in Sight

Daniel will need just 52 yards on Saturday to pass Brad Smith as the all time passing leader at Missouri.

"It means a lot to me right now, because you look at Brad and Brad is one of the best quarterbacks ever in college," Daniel said. "It's going to be a special night come Nevada."

Michael Bittner is a Mizzou Journalism student

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