SEMO fans take Mizzou pounding in stride -

SEMO fans take Mizzou pounding in stride

Columbia, MO (KMOV) -- It takes a special type of fan to go into an opponent's stadium when this fan knows their team will most certainly lose by more than a few points.

Still, a noticeable number of SEMO fans made the trip to see their team play Mizzou on Saturday in a game Vegas didn't even bother to put a line on.

The Tigers won by 49 points and the Redhawk faithful had at least that many different reasons for making the trip.

"We went to the lake already, so it was only like an hour [here]," SEMO fan Brock Alspaugh said.

Many SEMO students, like Kevin Ward, came to see friends who attended Mizzou. He held no illusions about the likely outcome of the game.

"I'm not expecting to win at all," Ward said.

Andrew Severtsen, a sophomore at SEMO, came from Cape Girardeau with a handful of his fellow Redhawks.

"Lot of SEMO coming up hereparty and hang out," Severtsen said.

Like Ward, Severtsen wasn't counting on a witnessing what would have been one of the bigger upsets in the history of college football.

"I expect we'll be defeated by at least 50 (points)," Severtsen said.

While friendship brought some, romance brought others.

"Honestly, I came up her because my boyfriend lives here," SEMO 5 th year senior Ashley Durick said. "Seemed like a good excuse to come. Support the Redhawks and hang out with him."

Not everyone was willing to choose a side.

"SEMO supporter, Mizzou fan," is how SEMO junior Josh Welch described himself. However, he was rooting for the Tigers on Saturday.

"I don't want to see them drop in the standings," Welch said.

John Schweigert wore a SEMO shirt and a Mizzou hat. He explained he is a Tigers fan, but his children attend SEMO.

Schweigert's wife explained the situation in the most poetic of ways.

"Our hearts are at Mizzou, but our tuition dollars are at SEMO," she said.

Michael Bittner is a Journalism Student at Mizzou

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