Chase Daniel reflects on a wild season opener -

Chase Daniel reflects on a wild season opener

St. Louis (KMOV) -- Nearly four hours of tackle football can take a little bit out of a guy.

To that end, a good-natured Chase Daniel gave us a few enjoyably scrambled comments in the aftermath of Missouri's victory over Illinois Saturday night in St. Louis.

On the team returning to the locker room a bit frustrated with its performance after the second half: "Not only after the second half, after the game, too."

On dynamic wide receiver and kick returner Jeremy Maclin: "He can change a play on one game."

The Heisman candidate quarterback smiled and corrected himself after that one, and everyone in the room chuckled. To be sure, any poking done here is all in good nature. Credit me for misspeaking when I chat in the parking lot with fans after the strain ofeating lunch. The elite quarterback can have some slack for a few slips here and there just minutes after another hard-fought battle on the gridiron.

Daniel also introduced another more football-relevant but no less entertaining phrase to the assembled media on Saturday night: super-fastball mode. It's the team's term for its hurried, late-half offensive set.

As the field general described it, "Getting on the line and trying to snap it with thirty seconds or less, it's hard for defenses to get lined up. It makes it very base for what they're able to do, and it makes the [defensive] line slower off the ball."

The early returns on super-fastball mode were all positive. The Tigers moved the football 87 yards on 10 plays in less than two and a half minutes at the end of the first half. A 17-yard Daniel toss to tight end Chase Coffman with 20 seconds to play punched the ball in to the end zone and gave Missouri and 18-point lead going to the break.

Steven Weinman is a J-student at the University of Missouri

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