Two terrific teams, one great game and a night to remember at the dome -

Two terrific teams, one great game and a night to remember at the dome

St. Louis (KMOV) -- My friends from Kansas City have been known to describe the Edward Jones Dome as everything from "goofy" to "a morgue."

Sure it has its quirks, but to me, it has always felt like home, and I don't particularly enjoy people talking trash on The Dome. It's like when you were a kid and would complain about your mom - but if someone else did, they better pack a lunch.

Growing up in St. Louis, I was an avid Cardinal fan, but nothing was more exciting than watching The Greatest Show on Turf at The Dome.

Those days are long gone, but for one night, there was a buzz back in that building that she had not seen since Kurt, Marshall and Mike Martz packed up and left town.

Now a junior at Mizzou, most of my attention toward athletics (not counting fraternity softball) is used on the number six team in the land.

St. Louis was the epicenter for college football on Saturday, featuring a showcase between two top 20 teams. It was an exciting game between two dynamic offenses, as the Tigers won 52-42.

Days like Saturday are usually reserved for Tuscaloosa, Alabama or Happy Valley, Pennsylvania.

Missouri and Illinois just about split the place half and half. Obviously, this dome is used to dealing with two fan bases at once after last December's Rams 'home' games against Green Bay and Pittsburgh.

There was not a plethora of rap music played just to appease Steven Jackson. Instead, Marching Mizzou and the Marching Illini rocked the house.

Watching my school play in the place where I watched (mostly on television) so many games as a kid really put me in a reflective mood. It felt like bringing new friends home for dinner. And these new friends are a lot more exciting than the usual ones.

2008 has been a rough year for my hometown. Our beer has been bought by Belgium's (though if tailgaters tell the story, sales won't be dropping anytime soon), the Chrysler plant looks like a ghost town, and our preferred highway to get to the city resembles a scene from I Am Legend.

But on Saturday, the football world was focused on St. Louis for the first time in a long time. The excitement downtown had not been seen since October of 2006.

St. Louis deserved Saturday.

So did The Dome.

Editor's note: Michael Bittner is a journalism student at Mizzou.

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