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Mizzou's escapes by "Narrowest of Margins"

Columbia, MO (KMOV) -- Like many Missourian's, I did not get a chance to watch any of the Missouri Tiger's game vs. the Baylor Bears on Saturday. It was not televised. I was at work (I anchor for the MissouriNet in Jefferson City during away game weekends) and the only way I could find to keep me up-to-date with what was happening in the game was on CBS.com.

CBS.com has "game tracker" which is basically watching bobble headed football players re-enact what is happening on the field. It is kind of like the "Bud Bowl" meets "Bobble Heads Dolls" every single possession.

Between my time "on" and "off" air, I was constantly running back to my computer.

While following game tracker I continued to look for other ways to get the game through radio stations free internet streaming. I continued to laugh at the irony; I work at a radio station and could not find a radio in which to turn the game on. It turns out, this afternoon, it was bobble heads or nothing.

The first Missouri drive was as routine as the Tigers have been all season. So smooth, so easy, touchdown. Chase the bobble head Daniel to the other Chase the bobble head Coffman 7-0 Mizzou. The only question I had now was how was this Missouri defense going to respond to the young Baylor Bear Quarterback Robert Griffin?

The first Baylor possession- 7 plays, 12 yards, punt.

The next time Missouri had the ball led to another touchdown. This time Chase Daniel to Tommy Saunders 14-0 Mizzou and at this point I was thinking, this is going to be easy. Missouri is starting to get on a roll. Baylor is WHO we though they WERE. Right? This would soon change, to borrow an expression from an old football coach, Lee Corso, "not so fast my friend."

Baylor's next possession ended the Missouri defenses shutout streak. Robert Griffin almost single handedly bobble headed his way to Baylor's first score. Perhaps this game wasn't going to be as easy as I expected.

My unease was confirmed on the Tigers next drive when Chase Daniel threw an interception from the Baylor seven yard line going in for the touchdown. The next few possessions were as exciting as watching paint dry. One side would bobble around, then the next side would bobble around until Missouri's last drive of the half. Daniel led the Tiger's down for a score 21-7 Tigers going into halftime.

At this point, I am writing a sports update for the 4:20 p.m. MissouriNet sports report and included all the stats from halftime.

It was 3:55 p.m. when the third quarter started. Bayor came right down the field and scored, led by, of course Griffin. 21-14 Tigers. I had to readjust my sports update because Baylor scored so fast. I didnt want my report to be dated. So I ran back into the studio and reworded the end of the Tiger football segment (the report is automated).

After the adjustments to the report, I left the game at the computer for a bit because I had to do "real news" reports for the next hour. When I returned, my eyes got big. 28-28? This cant be! How in the heck can these teams be tied?

I was growing anxious and nervous as I looked at the scoring drive charts.

The Tiger offense was sputtering against a sub par defense. My stomach began to turn. This was supposed to be an easy win. Could the Tigers actually LOSE to the BAYLOR BEARS?

Then another blow, with nine minutes and change remaining in the game, Chase Daniel threw an interception around mid-field. This was going to be it. The Bears were going to go down and score and the Tigers are going to be one of those terrible casualties in college football getting beat by a far inferior team. I would love to hear from someone who was following this game who DIDNT feel this way.

Just as I was convincing myself of this, the Missouri Tiger defense, which has come up with every big stop it has needed to this year did so once again forcing Griffin and his Bear offense on a three and out. At this point I am watching the bobble heads with great anticipation. I never thought I could get into watching football this way!

Now it was up to Chase, again. Daniel drove drove the Tigers down the field cutting up the Baylor defense down to the 19 yard line. There was 2:40 seconds left in the game and Jeff Wolfert, Mr. Automatic, came out and made a 34 yard field goal attempt giving the Tigers a three point lead with 2:36 remaining. I looked at the clock, it was 5:03 and I had one last sports report to do by 5:20. I ran to the studio and began changing the previous report, updating it to reflect what was happening in the game. At 5:12 I ran back to the computer and checked the game one last time and to my surprise, it showed Missouri 31, Baylor 28 Final.

As soon as I saw this I ran back to the studio and changed it again to reflect the final score. Here is how my report ended:

"By the narrowest of margins, the Missouri Tigers beat the Baylor Bears 31-28 on a 34 yard field goal by Jeff Wolfert."

Next week Kansas State comes to Faurot Field to play the Tigers and I can look forward to watching players, not bobble heads. Hopefully the game wont be as close as it was this week.

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