Analysis: Good start to Mizzou's second season! -

Analysis: Good start to Mizzou's second season!

Columbia, Mo. (KMOV) -- It looks like the Tigers are glad to be back. In front of a packed house the Missouri offense scored twice in a total of 1:35.

Chase Coffman proved he deserved his acclaim with a TD reception and his 218th career catch, breaking the all-time NCAA record for tight ends. To add to his show, he hurdled a Colorado defensive back along the sidelines while he was still standing.

Daniel has brought his arm back with 222 yards and 3 TDs and Maclin already has over 100 yards receiving. Washington has 50+ and a TD as the Tigers seem to be unloading some stress on the hapless Buffaloes.

This is a much-needed display of dominance from a team that has seen nothing but frustration on both sides of the ball. The fans, coaches, and players all needed to be reassured that the offense can still score and the defense can still tackle.

A game like this will go a long way to restore the swagger needed to maintain a top 25 team through the final stretch of the season. With Texas, Oklahoma, OSU, and Texas Tech all beating up on each other in the south, Missouri can sit back and watch the top teams wear each other down- physically and in record.

Meanwhile, taking care of business in their division means the Tigers take the easy road to the Big 12 championship. Looks like they're on their way, as Daniel connects to Alexander to make it 40-0. Season record: 1-0.

J.J. Bailey is a student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism

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