Road trip: Rolling back home -

Road trip: Rolling back home

(KMOV) -- There really isn't much need to comment further about the action on the field, so I'll talk about some other interesting things that occurred off it.

On Saturday, I stood amongst the largest group of people I've ever been around. 98,383 people showed up to watch Saturdays' game. Yet, despite the large number, it wasn't the loudest college football game I've been to. I'd have to give that to the Mizzou-Oklahoma match-up two years ago in Norman, which had almost 10,000 less people. The low decibel level at Texas Memorial Stadium surprised me, but I guess that's bound to happen when your team wins the game in the first 30 minutes. Or maybe it was the fact that most fans were too busy throwing up the Longhorn symbol.

Darrell K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium is something to see. I can imagine its size and presence being quite intimidating for an opposing player.

Another plus for Texas was the reaction of their fans. In an earlier post I said that neutral fans are preferable for me in a game like this. If both fan bases are neutral towards each other then no one has to worry about hurt feelings or the awkward insincere comment. That certainly played out during and after the game. On our way home from the game, we walked directly through the post-game tailgating revelry in the stadium parking lots. We obviously got a few looks because our yellow stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the sea of burnt orange, but nary a comment was made. I think it was nice to see that Longhorn fans at least realized their team had done all the necessary talking on the field. Ironically, the only confrontation I saw between fans was from two Missouri fans that clearly had become frustrated by the play on the field.

Several times throughout the game, an "overrated" chant broke out from the Texas student section. My roommate brought up a good point when he said that an action like that at least shows they respect you to a degree.

In a cool school tradition, the iconic campus tower close to the stadium lights up orange when the Longhorns win. I'm not sure if Mizzou does something like this as well, but if not then I would certainly vote for it.

What seemed like an extremely popular way for many Mizzou fans to try and forget the devastating loss was a trip to Austin's famed Sixth Street. The by night pedestrian street was littered with Mizzou fans trying to have a good time. Sixth Street is several blocks long and lined on both sides by bars that would appeal to any Tom, Dick, or Harry. Quality live bands entertained in many of the bars we stopped in, helping Austin live up to its live music reputation.

Despite spending over 24-hours in a car and witnessing a massacre over the weekend, the trip to Austin was well worth it.

Eric Durban is a Journalism student at the University of Missouri

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