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Texas road trip: It's Saturday morning, time for College Gameday

(KMOV) -- College Gameday on ESPN is arguable the most popular college sports show around. Students wait hours before the 9 am central start in order to get prime position for their face or sign.

This happened to be my second Gameday experience and it's an overall great time. I don't need a good excuse to yell my head off for Mizzou football, but Gameday certainly provides a great outlet outside of the actual game.

When my roommate and I showed up an hour before the show, things were already crowded. I was pleasantly surprised by the Mizzou turnout. We were able to start several successful "M I ZZ O U" chants. Of course anytime we tried to start something, the large group of Longhorn fans would chime in with their own cheer.

Gameday is all about getting on camera, so it's not unusual to see kids jockeying for position to get the right angle. This was something I learned well during my first Gameday experience in Norman, Okla. In an interesting move, my sign was intentionally blocked by the Texas fans to my right and to my left. They worked together to limit my airtime. I would not be deterred though and successfully schemed right back.

For some reason I received a jolt of energy last night when we rolled into Austin at 2:30 am. I stayed up for several hours and eventually only got one and a half hours of sleep before we had to leave for Gameday. Although my energy level is definitely low, football game days always seem to have reserve energy hidden somewhere.

In the second half of the two-hour show, the Texas band showed up and injected new life into the morning. Although I'm not too fond of the lyrics (ex. "Yea Longhorns"), the tune of Texas' fight song is pretty good. Despite a few bad Texas apples who decided to continuously degrade Mizzou, most of the Longhorn fans were either courteous or neutral. In this case, I'd rather just have them be neutral; it make's things better for each side.

The weather in Austin is absolutely beautiful: cloudless skies and temperatures in the 70s. Time for a college football game!

Enjoy the game!

Eric Durban is a Journalism student at the University of Missouri

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