At the half: Don't give up yet -

At the half: Don't give up yet

(KMOV) -- Find some answers. That's all they say. The award for "biggest understatement of the year" goes to every sportscaster in the country.

Well, call me a hopeless optimist, but I still believe. Foolish? Maybe. But I haven't spent four years on the sidelines in Columbia to give up now. What will it take? A miracle. That's it, flat out. It would take what would arguably be the biggest comeback in college football history. Anything short of that, and it's over.

Everything must go Missouri's way. Any bobbles, any fumbles, any reviews, they all have to fall in Mizzou's favor, or else it's lights out. So what's the point in hope? Ask yourself how many comeback stories you have re-enacted in your back yard.

Everyone needs these situations to believe that something great, something supernatural is possible. Give up now, and you'll never know. While everyone is going to spend the next hour discussing whether or not Texas can run the table, I'll be on the couch, quietly hoping with every snap that our team will find the strength to make a miracle happen. Want to join me?

JJ Bailey is a Journalism student at the University of Missouri

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