Game time in Austin -

Game time in Austin

(KMOV) -- The long-awaited Missouri vs. Texas matchup is the 7 p.m. ABC showcase tonight, something that's a great point of pride for Tiger fans. How uplifting it is to see USC playing in the middle of the day, while Missouri has the primetime slot?

For the first time in my four years, Missouri is the most talked about game in the country. Last year the Border Showdown was big, but outside of the Big 12, interest was thin. This time around, in the midst of this chaotic season with an absolute scrum to claim the top spot, this will be the game everyone will be watching.

As a player, you have to love it. To have the whole country watching you, to have coaches and players getting out of their locker room and heading straight to ABC to see you play? All eyes are on you, what else could you want?

As a fan, it's excruciating. Nevermind the fact that your team is out there all on their own, under a million microscopes from your friends at Illinois, Kansas, and Texas, you can't help them. Most athletes love the big game, and most parents can't watch it. It's the same with fans of college football.

As excited as we get, the big game brings a litany of worries and anxiety. Worst of all, we have to wait. All day long I've placed my house in search of time-wasting activities. It was like I was 12 again, waiting for that birthday party that seems hours away. I cleaned, I showered, I wrote, I cooked, I did anything I could think of. Unfortunately, I also watched football.

A near-scare in the Oklahoma game had me tense, then I watched as blowouts filled the scoreboards. Ohio State brought all sorts of weaponry to East Lansing in a game that seemed one-sided all day. In fact, I never saw the Spartans get a first down. They did, but I missed it. Penn State and USC did the same, making our game all the more interesting.

Could it be that the Tigers give the nation the only close game of the day? This is the stuff aneurisms are made of. Game time in Austin!

J.J. Bailey is a student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism

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