Road trip: Rolling into Austin -

Road trip: Rolling into Austin

(KMOV) -- Unofficially, the lowest gas price in the country has to reside in Lebanon, Mo. They are currently giving gas away at a ridiculously low $2.34. Is there a reason we can't have this everywhere in Missouri?

The first official sighting of Mizzou fans on the drive down occurred in Kiowa, Okla. Conveniently located along Highway 69, Kiowa lies directly south of Tulsa. Sporting four Mizzou flags and a Tiger tail, the family in the black SUV was more than happy to wave and share in the Austin road trip excitement. And I use excitement is the most sincere of ways, because despite over 12-hours of driving, it's all worth it.

For those of you that don't know, Missouri has its very own Animal Paradise in Strafford, very close to Springfield. Just something to think about the next time a family fun weekend roles around.

It was a cool sight to see the sun setting in Texas and the Friday night football lights start to shine brightly almost everywhere you looked.

Although we've only been in Austin for about 2 hours (2am-4am), I've already gotten the feeling that it's a cool place. The lights illuminating the state capitol and the campus tower at night provide for a unique feel. From what other college football stadium in the country can you see the state capitol while sitting in the stands?

The entire trip from Columbia to Austin, including all stops and the high school football game, took a little over 16 hours.

Eric Durban is a Journalism student at the University of Missouri

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