Jennings woman says she never received son's remains -

Jennings woman says she never received son's remains

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( -- A Jennings woman is pleading for help in the search for her son's cremated remains.

Sarita's son Sam died last year in California and most of his ashes were scattered from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sam's partner put a small portion of Sam's ashes in a locket and mailed it to Sarita.

Tracking records showed it arrived two days later. Sarita went to the Jennings post office to pick it up but they couldn't find the package.

Two months later the package is nowhere to be found.

News 4's Mike Colombo spoke to St. Louis Postmaster Cathy Vaughn who believes there are two problems.

First, the package was sent as "priority mail" but the post office requires cremated remains be sent by "priority express."

In that case, the post office clerk writes "human remains" on the package and it is handled differently.

Vaughn says the other problem is there is a possibility the package mistakenly ended up in the national distribution system.

Vaughn says she is checking on the status of Sarita's package and will be following up with her.


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