Residents: Men posing as security workers knocking on doors in s -

Residents: Men posing as security workers knocking on doors in south St. Louis

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( - Residents in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood are on edge after two men went door-to-door claiming to be with a security company that no long exists.

“They just said they were from Brinks Home Security, and they saw that I had a Brinks sign and they said they wanted to come into the house and check if my panels were wireless or not,” said Lisa Roggeman, who was visited by the two men.

Roggeman said the men were adamant they were with Brinks, but Brinks no longer exists. Several years ago, Tyco International, the previous parent company of ADT, acquired Broadview Security, formerly known as Brink's Home Security. Following Tyco’s acquisition of Broadview Security, the company was re-branded as ADT.

In a statement, ADT said their employees who go door-to-door must identify themselves as ADT employees.

Roggeman said she did not let the men inside her home. She said the men then showed her pictures of different security systems and asked her to point out which one she had. Roggeman said she then told the men to leave and before calling police.

23rd Ward Alderman Joe Vaccaro says residents should be on alert.

“They are most likely scammers, and we don’t need it,” said Vaccaro.

Other residents in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood said they saw the men drive off in a white or silver unmarked car with out of state plates.


“There is a lot of single people, a lot of elderly people in this neighborhood and I’d hate to think somebody gets in and takes advantage of that,” said Roggeman.

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