Mehlville superintendent: Tax increase may be needed for school -

Mehlville superintendent: Tax increase may be needed for school upgrades

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( – The outgoing superintendent of the Mehlville School District told News 4 voters may have to raise taxes to help pay for a plan to upgrade several schools.

Superintendent Eric Knost said the proposal would allow the district to build a new library and ventilation system at Bierbaum Elementary, and a new theatre and auditorium and Oakville High School, among other improvements. Knost told News 4 the upgrades would cost around $30 million if the plan is adopted.

Knost said the district has very few options when it comes to paying for the renovations. He told News 4 a tax increase may be only way to provide the necessary funding.

“It's very possible there will be a plan to go out to our tax payers to see if they'd be willing to support it,” Knost said.

One resident told News 4 the upgrades are important because good schools raise the property values of nearby homes. Another resident said the schools need the proposed improvements.

The Mehlville School Board is set to take up the proposal at a meeting Thursday. Knost will step down in June so he can become Rockwood’s superintendent.

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