Ill. man accused of stealing information from military personnel -

Ill. man accused of stealing information from military personnel

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( – Police have told News 4 they arrested a southern Illinois man who was responsible for stealing the personal information of military personnel, federal employees, and a company that does business with AT&T.

Authorities have accused Daniel Kreuger, 20, of hacking into 35 computer databases from his home in Salem, Ill. Authorities also said Salem and several others broke into a Navy database that contained the personal information of 220,000 military personnel before releasing some of the information online.

Ralph Echemendia, who runs a computer security testing company said most culprits get away with hacking and that most are out to sell the personal information they steal, although Krueger is not accused of selling such information.

“The term we use is trolling, at that point they're going to mess with you just because they can,” Echemendia said.

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency told News 4 a hacking attempt was made. A database of employees from a vendor for AT&T Uverse was also hacked. Authorities allege both hackers also hacked into a database from the World Health Organization, Homeland Security Administration, and the Toronto Police Department.

One expert told News 4 that steps must be taken to minimize the damage from hacking because a lot of information is stored on databases.

“You can never go into the mindset you will never get hacked, understand everybody will get hacked,” Dave Chronister with Parameter Security said. “Unfortunately one of the realities is your information is probably already out there and it may not have been released.”

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