Illinois to pump millions into school security while districts m -

Illinois to pump millions into school security while districts make cutbacks

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( – News 4 has learned that Illinois has set aside $25 million for school security.

O’Fallon District 90 Superintendent told News 4 his district is using the money his district receive to buy film that would go on windows to stop an intruder. He told News 4 the money will be used only for security grants.

“A safe learning environment is a critical foundation for any student to have success in education, so this is one way to get to that,” Dr. Todd Koehl said.

The grant comes at a time when Illinois is running a deficit of over $40 billion and school districts have cuts programs and staff to save money.

Some parents told News 4 they like the idea of spending the money on security, while others said the money could be better spent in other areas.

“Well in my opinion I don't think $25 million for security would be the best option there are more important things such as teachers' salaries," one parent said.

“I'm worried about his safety with all these shootings that have been happening, " another parent said.

Dr. Matt Shines, superintendent of the Grant School District, also received security money.

Everyone has an opinion on how the state should spend money.  We could debate all day what's more appropriate or not. Safety and school security is a high priority for everybody," Shines said.

Both Shines and Koehl said they are looking to add security cameras at their schools.

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