Former Jiffy Lube employee: Several local locations ripped off c -

Former Jiffy Lube employee: Several local locations ripped off customers

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( -  News 4 is digging deeper into accusations that Jiffy Lube employees may be scamming customers.

A former employee told News 4 at least one manager knew what was going on.

"He was just sitting back letting guys run the store while he was just collecting money," said the anonymous whistleblower.

Speaking to News 4 only under anonymous conditions, a former Jiffy Lube mechanic said he witnessed firsthand as those around him promised services to paying customers but never did the job.

"We were out there doing transmission flushes or saying that we were and it actually wasn't happening behind clothed doors because customers wasn't paying attention to the work getting done," he said.

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He says at least one long-time manager knew about the shady practice but allowed it. Instead, he said the manager used the scam to fatten his own pockets.

"It probably added up to the thousands because he's actually been with the company for years," he said.

In response to the claims Jiffy Lube sent News 4 a statement saying in part: "We take all allegations regarding technician performance at our Jiffy Lube franchise service centers seriously and are working with the local franchisee to conduct a thorough investigation."

News 4 found out that the owner of that franchise is Heartland Automotive. 

Heartland also sent News 4 a statement saying, "We do not condone any action or behavior that violates the trust of our guests. Once we become aware of a violation of our policies and procedures, we promptly open an investigation, as we've done in this case, and take appropriate action."

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