Informant who brought down corrupt Metro East officials discusse -

Informant who brought down corrupt Metro East officials discusses troubled past

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( – Anthony LeFlore told News 4 he is receiving threats after he helped the FBI catch three corrupt Metro East officials.

LeFlore, who is an Alorton police officer, started working as an informant for the FBI in 2009. Over several years, he was able to record Mayor Randy McCallum, East St. Louis Police Chief Michael Baxton, and Alorton Street Superintendent Ronnie Cummings either breaking the law or discussing illegal activities they were involved in or wanted to be involved in.

LeFlore told News 4 he was able to gain the officials trust because he is an Alorton native who had a troubled childhood.

"When I was about 7 years of age my biological mother attempted to shoot me up with heroin,” Leflore said.

His mother later died in prison.

"All of my loved ones are in prison, it’s just me so to speak," LeFlore said.

LeFlore grew up in a trailer in Alorton. He later became a criminal who was charged with a non-violent felony. He was allowed to plea down to a misdemeanor because he told both the prosecutor and judge that he wanted to be a police officer.

"It was rough I became homeless about age 15 by choice," LeFlore said.

Leflore has received threats both in person and on social media but said that would not stop him from helping authorities.

"There was no second thoughts about it, if I had the chance to do it again I would," LeFlore said.

Prosecutors told News 4 they will prosecute anyone who threatens a current or former federal witness.

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