Caseyville police chief charged with public outburst still getti -

Caseyville police chief charged with public outburst still getting paid

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

( – Caseyville Police Chief Jose Alvarez remains off the job, but is still getting paid as he awaits a court hearing on disorderly conduct and battery charges following an outburst at a public meeting in Feb.

Alvarez and his lawyer are expected to make an appearance at the Caseyville Police Department Wednesday to turn in his equipment. But while he is currently not the town’s police chief, he’s still collecting his $70,000 a year paycheck. On Monday, city officials voted unanimously to pay him while he awaits his court date in late May.

It all stems from the outburst, which was captured on video by The Belleville News-Democrat and posted to YouTube.

In the video, Alvarez is seen arguing with Caseyville Mayor Len Black. At one point in the video, the mayor tells Alvarez “I’m sure you ought to be proud of the way you’re acting in front of this crowd as our chief.”

At one point, Alvarez chest bumped another officer.

The mayor has fired Alvarez twice, but he was rehired by the board both times.  The outburst happened at a meeting where the chief was reinstated.


Watch the video of the outburst below, or click here if using a mobile device.

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