Customers: Local Jiffy Lube location is defrauding customers -

Customers: Local Jiffy Lube location is defrauding customers

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( – A north St. Louis County Jiffy Lube auto shop has been ripping off its customers, several people have told News 4.

Zebediah Holden says he took his car to the Jiffy Lube located on New Halls Ferry. Mechanics there told him he could only pay in cash and that he would not be able to see his receipt because the shop’s computer system was down. Holden later discovered his car was never repaired.  He told News 4 he has lost around $800 after several visits.

“I felt mad, I felt like I got used, I felt like somebody was stealing my money and I didn't know who it was,” Holden said.

Holden told News 4 he believes the employees are pulling off a scam without the company’s knowledge.

“They're going behind the companies back stealing people money and the company doesn't know either because the cameras are off or they're not logging into the system,” Holden said.

Customer David Breland told News 4 he was also the victim of the same scam.

“Either the manager is in on it or they're just that oblivious,” Breland said.

News 4’ Julian Johnson went to the Jiffy Lube where the scam allegedly occurred to get the store's side of the story, but the manager would not answer any questions. 

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