Informant reveals how he helped bring down corrupt Metro-East of -

Informant reveals how he helped bring down corrupt Metro-East officials

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( – A man who was an informant for the federal government in a sting to root out corruption is urging others to speak out.

Anthony LeFlore was an informant for the FBI in their investigation against several high-profile Metro East officials. LeFlore helped bring down Alorton Mayor Randy McCallum, East St. Louis Chief of Police Michael Baxton, and Street Superintendent Ronnie Cummings.

LeFlore, who is an officer with the Alorton police department, began to gather information for the FBI in 2009. He said he gained McCallum’s trust shortly after he was hired.  In the summer of 2011, McCallum told him to steal drugs from suspects arrested by  police and then sell the drugs and share the profits with him. In a secret recording, McCallum told LeFlore he wanted him to steal a larger amount of drugs that would make LeFlore famous.

Several months after catching McCallum, federal agents secretly recorded Baxton stealing an Xbox 360 console from a car he thought was stolen. Baxton also ordered LeFlore to take one of the consoles.

Leflore also said Baxton told him it was easy to steal cash and drugs in East St. Louis.

"He promised me that he was going to hire me as an East Saint Louis Police officer and that we would be millionaires within a year," LeFlore said.

In January 2012, LeFlore recorded a conversation he had with Cummings, where Cummings asked him for an extended clip for a gun Cummings owned. Cummings was prohibited from owning a gun because he was a convicted felon. LeFlore also caught Cummings saying he would wrap a bag around the gun to catch the shell casings so authorities could not trace the weapon back to him.

All three officials have served prison time for their crimes.

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