Student brings knife to St. Louis County high school -

Student brings knife to St. Louis County high school

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( – News 4 has learned a student brought a knife to Valley Park High School.

Officials with the Valley Park School District told News 4 a female student brought a knife onto school grounds Thursday. Valley Park High School Principal Matt Bailey said a parent called before classes started Monday and informed school authorities that he heard about such an incident from his son.

"We did go through her book bag and found the knife inside of her purse in a book bag and she did admit that she had that with her," Bailey said.

School officials told News 4 the student did not threaten anyone, but showed the knife off.

School officials also sent a letter to parents disclosing the incident.  All of the Valley Park schools are on one campus, but Bailey told News 4 the knife was confiscated before students from other schools arrived.

There was speculation that the female student brought the knife to school in response to bullying, but school officials told News 4 that isn’t clear.

“Well in our investigation we really didn’t find that much of a situation that this is dealing with bullying to be honest with you. This was just a girl that kept saying ‘I need this, I need this,” Bailey said.

The student in question was turned over to St. Louis County police. The case is currently being handled by juvenile court.

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