Former husband, wife charged in child sex abuse -

Former husband, wife charged in child sex abuse

(KMOV) – A Warren County sex offender and his ex-wife face charges involving sexual abuse of a child. The abuse took place over several years, and the wife at the time did nothing to stop the crime.

Court documents show that Kenneth Edwards, 48, and Melissa Edwards, 45, were married when the abuse took place.

Kenneth Edwards is charged with seven sex-related felonies, including statutory sodomy. Melissa Edwards is charged with first-degree endangerment of a child.

Police said the abuse took place at least three times a week over several years. Additionally, police said Melissa Edwards was aware that her former husband was a sex offender, but did nothing to stop unsupervised time with the child. The child also told Melissa about the abuse, but she did nothing to stop it.

Kenneth Edwards has been convicted of first-degree sexual misconduct with a child. As a result, he has been on the sex offender registry.

Kenneth Edwards’ bail is set at $250,000, cash only. Bail for Melissa Edwards is at $10,000.

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