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Fenton subdivision's bylaws forbid non-whites, Jews

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(KMOV.com) - A decades-old document  holding the bylaws for a subdivision in Fenton also hold a deep secret.

News 4 was alerted to a clause in the Oakland neighborhood’s covenant that only allows homes to be owned by non-Jewish whites. 

“I thought it was outrageous in this day and age, “ said Jacob Smith, 19, who lives with his parents in the subdivision

The subdivision’s president admitted the clause is in the bylaws, but it’s not enforced.

"I talked to a lawyer and he looked at it and says it's not enforceable, it's against the law,” Steve Conley told News 4.

Conley also said he’s not sure how to go about taking the clause out of the bylaws, which were written in 1946.

Discrimination in housing is against federal law and stems from a United STates Supreme Court decision in 1948 with a case that started St. Louis.

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