Work on Bridgeton Landfill causing headache for nearby business -

Work on Bridgeton Landfill causing headache for nearby business

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

( - There has been a lot of unwanted, unexpected and distracting construction around a car service center this week while crews are working on the Bridgeton Landfill.

Work is being done on a retaining wall and road that separates Dan’s Automotive from the landfill.  The work is taking place feet from the garage where mechanics work.

“We got our fingers in our ears because of the jackhammers going on out here.  We can't hear the phones ringing.  We couldn't hear a fire truck pull in the parking lot if it came in,” said mechanic Grant Keay.

Owner Dan Rose said his lease with the landfill’s owner Republic Services expires at the end of April.  Rose is annoyed by the construction because he said the company didn’t warn him that the work would be done as customers were rushing to get service before the shop closes.

“It was very annoying,” said Rose, who’s owned the small shop since the 1970’s.

A spokesman for Republic Services said crews are working to widen the road at the request of local first responders so fire trucks can get through.  The company said it wanted to immediately address the issue and didn’t want to wait until Rose’s lease was up.

The workers at Dan’s are still upset.

“Have a little respect for us.  We're still here. We're an operating business,” said Keay.

Republic Services will use the property for piping needed for a new project to address the smell coming from the landfill.  As part of the arrangement, Rose said he was paid $10,000.

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