Manager of apartment complex accused of stealing rent money -

Manager of apartment complex accused of stealing rent money

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( – The person responsible for collecting rent money at a north St. Louis County apartment complex has been accused of pocketing the funds.

Authorities allege Michelle Whitener, 41, stole rent money from the Monticeto Apartment complex.

Police told News 4 the owner recently discovered that Whitener was behind a scheme where she modified the complex’s account system. Records showed that tenants had paid, but the money never made it to the company’s account. Police said the owner estimated Whitener took between $10,000 and $15,000.

Many tenets told News 4 they pay their rent using money orders, which are harder to keep track of.

“It's different if you're doing an electronic transfer, like you go to your online banking. And you send a payment to your credit card company,” said Detective Andrew Soll with St. Louis County Police. “There's a lot more tracking that goes on there than a physical money order going into a drop box outside an office."

Residents are not responsible for the money that was taken, but some of them told News 4 their trust has been shaken.

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