Gov. Nixon shares his thoughts on impeachment effort -

Gov. Nixon shares his thoughts on impeachment effort

(KMOV) – On Friday, Gov. Jay Nixon shared his thoughts on the effort to impeach him that is underway in the Missouri Legislature. 

Nixon recently attended a ground breaking ceremony for a new dental education building and oral health clinic in the 1500 block of Park. At the event, he told News 4 that the push to impeach him is a waste of time.

“I think they’re trying to catch attention and not move progress forward on issues that are important to the state,” Nixon said.

One representative wants to impeach Nixon for accepting tax returns from same sex couples married in other states. Another representative accused Nixon of not filling empty seats in the legislature in a timely manner. Additionally, Nixon is being barraged for not harshly punishing state officials according who were involved in the conceal and carry controversy.

Nixon ensures that he will continue to move forward with his duties as governor. 

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