City of Collinsville settles lawsuit against Ohio filmmaker -

City of Collinsville settles lawsuit against Ohio filmmaker

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) -- The city of Collinsville settled  lawsuit filed by a documentary filmmaker and his passenger who claimed they were unlawfully detained during a drug search in December 2011.

Terrance Huff and John Seaton sued the city in federal court after Huff's PT Cruiser was stopped on eastbound Interstate 55/70 by a Collinsville police officer for an alleged traffic violation.

The suit was settled on April 8. The order dismissing the case was officially filed on Friday.

The terms of the settlement were not immediately available.

The case made news when Huff obtained the dashboard camera, edited it, added background music and photos of himself at a Star Trek exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center, and posted it to YouTube.

The video has had more than 544,900 views since it was posted in March.

In his lawsuit, Huff claimed that the officer profiled him because the PT Cruiser had out-of-state license plates. Huff also claimed police no probable cause to stop him, saying the officer triggered the police dog to falsely alert on the car, giving him probable cause to search Huff's vehicle.

The officer claimed that Huff swerved into a lane without signaling. Then-police chief Scott Williams defended the officer's actions.

Neither Williams nor Huff's attorney have commented on the settlement.

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