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Woman calls Colombo after valuable luggage was stolen on honeymoon

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(KMOV.com) – A newlywed couple has been fighting with Frontier Airlines for months over something that was allegedly stolen while they were on their honeymoon.

Amy and Nick Bommarito said a purse and a watch were stolen on their trip to Las Vegas. Frontier Airlines does not deny that the items were taken but has consistently told them that they will reimbursed for the purse but not for the watch.

The watch was a gift to Amy from her husband and she said she became frustrated when she contacted Frontier about the lost piece of jewelry.

"That watch was pretty meaningful to me and I didn't feel like anyone really cared,” Amy said.

Frontier told Amy that she was out of luck because they do not reimburse people for lost jewelry. A travel expert told News 4 many airlines have the same policy.

“In most cases airlines will cover you up to about 33-hundred dollars for domestic airlines if things are missing or lost in your bag. However that does not cover high end items such as laptops, cameras, and jewelry," said Anne Banas with Smarter Traveler.

She offered simple packing advice to future travelers.

"Before you go, if you are thinking of bringing something like that, make sure you read your airlines contract of carriage and see what items they exclude," Banas said.

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