St. Louis residents on edge after burglars rob homes while they -

St. Louis residents on edge after burglars rob homes while they sleep

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) – Police across the area investigate several cases of homeowners waking up to find burglars ransacked their homes overnight.

"She got up screaming, yelling somebody's in our house, someone is in our house,” a homeowner said of his wife who noticed three men inside their south St. Louis city home stealing their belongings.

“Just had to be so terrifying to know, waking up that someone was in your house? Very, very terrifying, for several days I was on edge.”

One of the alleged burglars, Lamar Duff was later charged with the crime and was later discovered to be connected to a similar case on Dewey Avenue. Police say a cell phone, flat screen TV and car keys were stolen along with the victim’s vehicle while the woman slept.

Duff is currently behind bars for the crimes as the trend continues in north St. Louis City. Kenneth Boyd’s mother’s home was burglarized as she slept.

"Snuck upstairs into her room, snuck up in here, through her room to the head of her bed, and crept back out thank god they didn't hurt her,” said Boyd.

Authorities have not said if this case is related to similar incidents reported in south St. Louis. 

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