Hot spot police effort resulting in lower crime rates in Jenning -

Hot spot police effort resulting in lower crime rates in Jennings

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) – Crime in Jennings is down about nine percent overall for the year but there are still some problem spots where burglaries spiked last month.

St. Louis County Police have turned to hot spot policing efforts in two neighborhoods; near Hord Avenue and College and near Jennings Station Road and Garesche Avenue.

Police say, since their hot spot policing effort started Monday, they’ve already identified some suspects. But besides arresting suspects, they also want to prevent crime. So far, hot spot policing has been very effective at doing that in Jennings, with crime down 19 percent last month.

Residents can’t help but notice the increased police presence in the two hot spot zones. George and Pinkie Jackson know where the problems are.

"More activity on the other end of Garesche than it is on this end, at the end of the street is more of a problem? Right,” said Pinkie Jackson.

Lieutenant Jeff Feusting, Commander of the St. Louis County Police’s Jennings Bureau said since the county police took over three years ago, the hot spot blitz approach has been used often.

"And we're hoping by the end of next week we'll have all that information to have all these individuals in custody,” said Lt. Feusting. “We identify the problems, go in there and tackle the problems with a uniformed presence, we work with the detectives in all of our bureaus to gather their information, intelligence information on who is committing these crimes."

In their investigation of the spike in burglaries, News 4 crews saw officers handcuff and question two people. Residents like the stepped-up efforts.

"I think it's wonderful that they have more police cars out here on patrol looking for crime and i think it's going to make it better,” said Hunter Cole.

The extra patrols have helped officers gain the trust of residents who are cooperating more and helping police cut crime, improve the community.

"That's a huge impact, not only, yes crime's not there but it's the quality of life we're trying to increase for the residents and business owners of Jennings,” said Lt. Feusting.

To get residents to help more in making their neighborhoods safer, officers will be going door-to-door to hand out material on preventing burglaries. They plan to hold a meeting next Monday night to help residents form neighborhood watch groups.


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