Is Mizzou getting the respect it deserves? -

Is Mizzou getting the respect it deserves?

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele
By Alexander Schuster By Alexander Schuster

(Missouri Football App) - If you’ve been paying attention to the national narrative, you may be under the impression Auburn has already won the SEC Championship Game.

Not everyone subscribes to that thinking, but it feels as if Gary Pinkel’s squad is being ignored.  The only big debate is whether Auburn should appear in the BCS Championship Game instead of Ohio State.

Much of Mizzou nation is asking “what about us?”

From a media perspective, Auburn is the more compelling story.

Both teams stand at 11-1, but Auburn was 3-9 the previous season. Mizzou has won all but two of its games by 10 points or more, but Auburn has pulled off two miraculous victories. Auburn has quality wins over Alabama, Georgia, and Texas A&M; Missouri has beaten all but one of those teams (it did not play Alabama), however many believe Mizzou faced those opponents when they were plagued with injuries. Auburn is a traditional power and Missouri is not.

Auburn also features a dynamic and explosive rushing attack that gashed one of the best defenses in the country.

Put all of that together and Auburn is the sexier pick.

“The beauty of it is that you just got to go and play. We can’t do any more than that,” Pinkel said. “You’ve got to go play, and take care of your own business. So, that is what we do. The main difference is all of those teams have won national championships and we haven’t. We are the new kid on the block. That doesn’t faze us. I just want to win our game.”

Mizzou and its fans should be just fine with that.  It means the Tigers will go into Atlanta loose and with the attitude they have something prove. What else can make them a more dangerous team than that?

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